Student Representative Council (SRC)

CampusBoysThe Student Representative Council (SRC) is an elected body of student leaders whose day to day mandate is to represent the interests of students according to the dictates of the SRC constitution. The SRC at Millennium University is responsible for organising all student activities with the support of the Students Services Department. In the SRC is also the Chief-Election Officer responsible for the running of all Millennium University students elections. The SRC also, working with the Students Services Department, is responsible for coming up with the students activitiy calendar (SRC events calendar) for each year as well as the implementation programes tabled in the calendar.
Other activities which the SRC organises include Fresher’s Ball, Welcome Bash and Mr. and Miss Millennium University, clubs, community development activities, internal sports, Students Farewell Bash, Independence celebration, sponsored walks. SRC is also involved in the Staff-Students Consultative Committee (SSCC) responsible for building a working relationship between staff and students in improving the quality of education at Millennium University.



The Library holds books and periodicals in hard and electronic copies. There is a collection of journals, newspapers and a variety of other documents. The library is categorised under the following sections; electronic, reference and lending. A direct borrowing agreement makes the library resources of the University available for use by registered students, faculty, and staff of the University. Library hours are posted at the entrance to the building and printed copies are available upon request. Students may obtain library and information services at the University library. Electronic information services may also be accessed via wireless network.


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Millennium University has quality accommodation on campus. Food and Cafeteria is also available on campus. These facilities are both out-sourced, students are requested to contact the office for more information.