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The library is something we’re exceptionally proud of. Not only does it hold the books and periodicals you’d expect but it also houses journals, newspapers and other documents that could be useful in a wide range of fields. It is designed to support the educational mission and social development of Millennium University students.

We endeavor to ensure the library is a space that makes it easy for our students to research, revise and learn in a flexible way that supplements their contact study time with lecturers and other faculty members.

Our library staff are committed to helping students make the most of the invaluable resources available here and can also help people navigate the online resources to further supplement their studies. Electronic information services may also be accessed via wireless network on myMU portal. We have a growing selection of e-books, and we try to provide both print and electronic versions of all recommended and prescribed texts.

The library is categorized under the following sections; electronic, reference and lending.

Opening hours are posted at the entrance to the building and printed copies are available upon request.