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Campus Life

Campus life is the overall aspect of you being a student. This means that your education and learning experience goes beyond what you learn in the classroom.

Millennium University is proud to offer an energetic environment that is designed to give you a rewarding academic, professional, and personal experience.

We encourage diversity by providing opportunities for international students to attend. This is not only be a great experience socially but can also help people in their future careers as our students already have experience with a range of cultures and nationalities.

We take pride in offering our students a dynamic environment that stimulates their mind as much as their studies do.

One way we ensure campus life is as good as possible is by having the Student Representative Council (SRC). This is an elected body of student leaders who represent the interests of students according to the dictates of the SRC constitution.

The SRC at Millennium University is responsible for organizing all student activities with the support of the Students Services Department.

Along with the Student Services Department, the SRC is responsible for coming up with the students activity calendar for each year as well as the implementation of programmes tabled in the calendar.

The SRC also organizes student events such as the Freshers Ball, the Welcome Bash and Mr. and Miss Millennium University, clubs, community development activities, internal sports, Students Farewell Bash, Independence celebration and sponsored walks among many others.

In addition to all this, the SRC is involved in building a working relationship between staff and students in improving the quality of education at Millennium University.

Most of our students live in accommodation in the neighborhood surrounding the university. We can ensure you find the right place for you to supplement your studies. Whether you want to live in a local house, flat or lodgings while you study, Millennium University’s Accommodation Service are able to point you in the right direction.

To help our students find private accommodation, we provide lists of accommodation available for rent in the neighborhood. You will find a wide variety of properties advertised on our website from time to time, from bedsits to shared houses.

Millennium University’s commitment to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to education is most obvious in its fostering of student life and campus activities. We love that we offer great academic education alongside a dynamic campus life and always endeavor to keep improving both aspects.